More Snow: Grand Rapids Targets Narrow Streets for Snow Removal

Posted at 2:25 PM, Feb 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-17 14:25:21-05

plowGRAND RAPIDS, Mich (February 17, 2014) – The City of Grand Rapids will be working to remove snow and widen streets that have become too narrow for emergency vehicles and refuse vehicles while cars are parked on the street.

Monday is a holiday for many City workers, giving city plow drivers a break heading into a busy week.  The City has partnered with several Neighborhood Associations to create an emergency snow removal schedule based on reports from Police, Fire and Public Services who have identified problem areas within the city.

Residents in the areas listed below are being asked to remove their cars prior to 8:00 a.m. so plow drivers have access to move the snow.

The City says the snow removal may cause pileup on sidewalks and some drive approaches, which will have to be addressed by residents and businesses owners according to City ordinance.  Residents are also being asked to remove snow from fire hydrants in case of emergency.

Tuesday, February 18:  8am-2pm:

Tuesday Plow Map Areas bordered by John Ball Park Drive SW, Wealthy SW, Front SW and Fulton Street

Wednesday February 19: 8am-2pm:

Wednesday Plow Map1Areas bordered by Madison Ave. SW, Dickinson SW, Eastern SW and Burton SW

Wednesday Plow Map2

Area bordered by Division SW, Burton SW, Jefferson SW and Alger Street

Thursday, February 20: 8am-2pm:

Thursday Plow MapArea bordered by Valley Avenue NW, 2nd Street NW, US-131, and Fulton Street

Friday, February 21: 8am-2pm:

Friday Plow Map Area bordered by Eastern, Wealthy, Lake Drive, Glenwood, Sherman, Ethel, Franklin