More Signs of Toilet Trouble For Visitors at Sochi Olympics

Posted at 8:10 PM, Feb 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-05 20:19:08-05

Courtesy: @VStarok on Twitter

SOCHI, Russia (Feb. 5, 2014) – Just a few days before the Opening Ceremonies begin in Sochi, Russia, another picture featuring a very public Russian restroom is making its rounds in the Twitter sphere.

Someone posted a photo showing a row of chairs in front of a toilet inside a building in the Olympic city.

It comes just a few weeks after a picture was posted showing two toilets side-by-side without a wall.  As evidenced by a tweet from BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg, bathroom trips at the 2014 Winter Olympics will be quite cramped.

According to Bleacher Report, Rosenberg was at the Laura Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Centre when he took this photo in the men’s bathroom.

“As if the Russians didn’t have enough problems as the Olympics approach Feb. 7, fending off talk of terrorism, defending themselves against accusations of homophobia, denying any corruption was involved in the $51 billion construction project,” wrote Kathy Lally in the Washington Post. “Now they’ve got a toilet problem. No, not a scarcity of toilets – too many of them. At least too many in one stall.”


Twitter photo from Steve Rosenberg