Father’s Wish Granted: Facebook Making ‘Look Back’ Video for Deceased Son

Posted at 9:41 PM, Feb 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-05 21:55:44-05

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Feb. 5, 2014) – A grieving father’s plea to Facebook to see his deceased son’s biggest moments has been answered.

John Berlin of St. Louis, Mo. put a video on YouTube this week pleading to get access to his son’s profile.

His son, 22-year-old Jesse Berlin, died on Jan. 28, 2012.  John’s video went viral, and PIX 11 in New York helped connect the father with Facebook officials.

“You ever do something crazy because you just don’t know what to do anymore?” he asks in the short video clip. “Well that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 9.43.04 PM“I’m calling out to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. You’ve been putting out these new movies – these one minute movies that everyone has been sharing, and I think they’re great,” Berlin said, referring to the short, personalized videos the social networking site has generated for millions of its users, in honor of its tenth anniversary.

After seeing the video on Reddit, PIX 11 reached out to Facebook, who told them they had been looking to contact Berlin to make the video happen.

Because of Berlin’s video, Facebook is also now helping other families who have lost loved ones

The 62-second “look back” video notes the year you joined Facebook, then shows a handful of your most-liked posts and a seemingly random selection of your photos — all set to instrumental music. To see yours, go to