Van Buren Co. Mom Testifies About Attack That Nearly Killed Her

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jan 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-22 19:34:52-05

PAW PAW, Mich. –Kane Reeves of Van Buren County is charged with assault and assault with intent to murder.

The alleged victim in the case, Mary Teske, testifying about what she said was a terrifying night at Reeves’ preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Reeves’ defense attorney argued that there wasn’t any evidence that he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend.

However, Mary Teske said the multiple broken bones in her face prove that he meant serious harm.

“I was unlocking the door. Immediately as soon as I opened the door, was attacked,” said Teske.

Teske is the mother of Reeves’ three children, she testified that Reeves had become angry because she had started dating someone else and had previously threatened her.

“He warned me he was going to kill me and the person I was seeing,” said Teske.

Reeves had allegedly moved out a few weeks before the assault on October, 10.

Teske testified that Reeves was on the phone with her right before the assault.

She said he claimed he was out of town, but when she went into the home with their kids in her arms, she said he attacked.

“Mr. Reeves came from around the corner and started assaulting me,” she said.

Teske said he began punching her in the face and was saying, “I`m going to kill you.”

She told the court she lied to Reeves by saying she’d take him back so she could escape and get her daughters in a van outside to try to get away.

However, she said he only stopped hitting her temporarily and then the assault began again.

“I was forced back inside by Mr. Reeves pulling me by my hair,” she said.

At one point a neighbor who drove by slowed down and appeared to spot her, with blood coming from her face, running for help in the road.

They called 911.

The deputy who arrived said he had to threaten to use a taser on Reeves.

“She was at the door like completely out of her mind, tyring to get in the patrol car,” said Deputy Daniel Perkins. “I stepped out and Kane was still locked on her and he was in a tunnel vision mode and just looking at her. I pulled out my taser and challenged him.”

Teske spoke exclusively to FOX 17 right after the incident, when her eyes were still blackened.

“I feel so blessed just to be alive right now,” said Teske. “Honestly, the sun beaming down on me right now….just seeing my kids, hearing their laughter. I’m appreciating everything so much more.”

Although Kane Reeves’ defense attorney called the act a heinous assault, he said the charge of assault with intent to murder was not appropriate because it couldn’t be proven that Reeves truly wanted Teske dead.

“In all of his attempts to kill you he didn`t inflict a life threatening injury?,” said his attorney.

“Not life-threatening,” said Teske. “Major injury, yes.”

“Ms. Teske you didn`t really believe Kane Reeves intended to kill you?”, said Reeves’ attorney.

“Yes I do,” said Teske.

As for the charge of breaking and entering, Reeves’ defense attorney argued that Reeves had lived in the home for quite some time.

He said his client shouldn’t be charged with breaking and entering because a resident can’t be charged with breaking into their own home.

He also pointed out that Reeves was never officially evicted.

However, the judge found enough cause to bind the case over to circuit court on charges of assault, assault with intent to murder, and breaking and entering.

Reeves’ next court date will take place in early February.

Teske has since had reconstructive surgery to repair multiple broken bones in her face.