Massive Hockey Brawl Involves Goalies, Coaches, and 9 Ejections

Posted at 4:28 AM, Jan 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-15 05:10:42-05

massive hockey brawlDANVILLE, Ill. — A minor league hockey fight is getting national attention, not just because of its duration and amount of game misconduct penalties, but also for the commentary and camera work.

The massive brawl happened on Saturday between the Danville Dashers and Watertown Privateers, two teams in the Federal Hockey League (a league that only consists of four teams).  There is so much action to try and follow, that the camera operators struggle with what scene to focus on.  The announcer’s commentary is being compared to something you’d hear at a WWE event.

The whole thing starts after a goalie retaliates following a body check.  From there, it’s chaos.  The 17-minute (!) video is below in its entirety.  For a full game recap, click here.