Gun Lake Casino Loses Power, Patrons’ Credits Stuck in Slots

Posted at 10:16 AM, Dec 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-22 10:17:02-05

Gun Lake Casino Gaming Floor

WAYLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Gun Lake Casino in Allegan County has responded to customer complaints about credits lost due to Saturday night’s power outages.

The bright lights and jackpot bells came to a complete halt Saturday evening as a power outage ensued in the Wayland Township area.

A Gun Lake Casino official confirmed to FOX 17 that only one generator was operational following the outage sparking some problems on the casino floor.

Early Sunday morning, FOX 17 saw a post on Facebook from “Jc Snoap,” an upset patron of the casino which read,

“Power went out at casino about 10:25.  Only one generator worked so you had to sit at your machine until power to machine would come back on or you could not get credit.  Lots of people left so they will not get money back.  Then some machines booted up and some people could not cash out.  Other machine wouldn’t reboot.  So after one and a half hours they told us to evacuate.  And shut the place down.  I have never been so ticked off.  What a horrible way to treat your customers.  We all should have been given something for the hour plus we sat at blank machines.”

Early Sunday morning, the casino responded via its official Facebook page, saying,

“To all of our Guests who were playing slots during this time, we have your information on file, and you can stop by the cage to pick up any money owed to you. Also, to all of our Guests who were with us during the power outage, we’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to offer you $25 in FREE Slot Play, which can be picked up at the Rewards Center.”