$250,000 Investment into The B.O.B. for Upgrades

Posted at 5:20 PM, Dec 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-19 17:24:17-05

the bob website graphicGRAND RAPIDS, Mich – The Gillmore Collection has announced a $250,000 dollar investment into The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids that will include entertainment, programming and safety upgrades.

The announcement comes after the Michigan Liquor Control Commission filed charges against the venue after a man fell to his death in the venue in May.

A press release from the Gillmore Collection on the changes/additions is below:

The Gilmore Collection, the finest assemblage of dining and entertainment venues in West Michigan, today announced the company will invest more than $250,000 into entertainment and safety upgrades at The B.O.B. (Big Old Building), one of downtown Grand Rapids’ favorite venues for live entertainment, food and drink.

 The B.O.B. is taking a strong and continuing role in creating a thriving hospitality zone for the city of Grand Rapids, one that is safe, hospitable and builds community.

 “The B.O.B. is a pioneering downtown entertainment venue, and to many people, going downtown means going to The B.O.B.,” said Greg Gilmore, CEO of the Gilmore Collection. “As our marquee property, we want it to continue to be a destination, while evolving as people’s tastes in entertainment change.”


Starting in 2014, the B.O.B. will now feature live entertainment on every floor, including a return of the once-popular dueling pianos in Bobarino’s as well as upgrades to Crush at The B.O.B., which will be converted into an intimate space for live music. 

 “Each space within The B.O.B. is to be the destination of choice for discerning individuals and groups who are looking for great, local food and live entertainment,” continued Gilmore.

 In January, Crush will officially become H.O.M.e., an all-new venue for live music. The Gilmore Collection will invest nearly $150,000 to upgrade sound, lighting and stage system as well as transform the space to create a more intimate atmosphere. The transition of H.O.M.e. to a live music venue will begin on January 1 and feature a diverse mix of programming, including, but not limited to jazz, blues, country, R&B, classic rock and pop music. An official grand opening will take place in April.

 “Sixteen years ago, The B.O.B. allowed people to re-think downtown as a destination for dining and music, and we want to give them more quality entertainment, while providing a safe and secure environment,” said Gilmore.


In addition to entertainment investments, the Gilmore Collection has already taken action and invested $50,000 to enclose its emergency stairwell and installed a new fire suppression system in the stairwell. 

 Other security investments include:   

    • $60,000 on a new security camera system
    • Investments in ID entry scanners to verify customer age and identity
    • Investments in additional staff training to be more engaging with customers and better gauge sobriety

“Our commitment to the safety of our guests is reflected in more than $100,000 in new measures to help them be more responsible as they’re having fun,” said Gilmore. “In addition, we are growing our appreciation for those who hold themselves personally responsible by volunteering to be a designated driver.”

The B.O.B. will continue its free parking program, as space allows, for anyone who dines on-site, as well as an all-new designated driver program. The VIP D.D. of any group of four or more will eat free with the purchase of another meal and receive free soft drinks all night. The B.O.B. is also working with its local taxi partners to better facilitate transportation for individuals deemed unfit to drive.

 The B.O.B. is West Michigan’s premier destination for dining and entertainment. As downtown Grand Rapids’ most versatile venue, The B.O.B. offers a uniquely personal experience for every guest who walks through the door. Its casual appeal, large size and historic charm have given The B.O.B. landmark status in Grand Rapids.

About the Gilmore Collection

Based in Grand Rapids, the Gilmore Collection is Michigan’s leading independent restaurant groups, owning and managing nearly 25 food and entertainment establishments in Michigan and Colorado. The Collection has developed a reputation for delivering tremendous food, beverage, entertainment, atmosphere and hospitality at each of their restaurants. Each establishment features its own flavor and style, which is amplified and preserved with their own rich history, character and architecture.