Warm Start, But Now It’s Octo-BRRRRR!

Posted at 9:13 PM, Oct 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-22 21:13:07-04

WEST MICHIGAN — (FOX 17) — The opening half of October was warm, but the second half has been and will continue to be much cooler.

This image shows high temperatures Tuesday. Most areas stayed in the 40s, though Grand Rapids hit 50 degrees. It has been nearly six months since we failed to get above 50 degrees for the high temperature. On April 25, the high was 49. Temperatures the next few days will fail to even hit 50 degrees.

This is in stark contrast to the opening half of October. In fact, the first day this month with below normal temperatures wasn’t until the 14th, and even that was only one degree below normal. From the period October 1 through October 16, Grand Rapids had a temperature surplus of 104 total degrees, or an average of 6.5 degrees per day. The second half of the month will not be nearly as warm.

We do, however, have 60-degree temperatures on the way next week. For the latest forecast, join us on FOX 17 News or visit the weather page at