Apple Tree Launches New Reading & Writing Program

Posted at 8:50 AM, Oct 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-01 09:37:49-04

STANDALE, Mich,– Apple Tree Christian Learning Centers is not only adding another location, it’s also adding an enhanced reading and writing program, launched just this Fall.

Apple Tree is a child care and preschool, welcoming children as young as six weeks of age, all the way though age 12.

“Socialization is very important especially with kindergarten becoming more rigorous we’ve noticed,” said Shelly Odell, Director of Quality at Apple Tree. “It’s really important for children to have that preparation to be part of an environment that’s not only preparing them somewhat academically, but socially and getting them used to routines they’ll have when they get to kindergarten.”

The lessons start early.

“For our preschoolers, we’re really starting to focus on socialization, doing circle time, small group activities,” said Odell.

Kids also learn important traits, like honest, for when they interact with other children. And, just launched this Fall is Apple Tree’s Core Language and Literacy Program.

“It’s getting them used to letter sounds and names and getting them comfortable with the aspects of reading and recognizing words in print,” said Odell.

FOX 17 took a look at the most recent number of students proficient in reading, according to their MEAP scores.

In the Grand Rapids Public School District, out of nearly 1,300 3rd graders tested, about 44.6& were proficient in reading.

4th Grade: 53% out of 1,200 students were proficient

5th Grade: 50.4% out of 1,114 were proficient

And nearly 52% were proficient out of about the same number of 6th graders tested.

In the Kalamazoo Public School District, out of 1,000 3rd graders tested, 57.5% were proficient in reading.

4th Grade: 54.9% of 931 students were proficient.

5th Grade: 54% out of 918 tested proficient in reading.

6th Grade: 54.8% out of 879 students tested proficient.

Odell adds that school districts with Apple Tree centers in their area are impressed with their new students.

“They’re prepared and ready and have those socialization skills that they can sit in a group and follow directions because they’ve been part of an environment that has started that at a young age.”

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