Plane ‘Crashes’ While Landing At Lowell Airport

Posted at 7:39 PM, Sep 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-24 06:46:41-04

LOWELL, Mich. — Nobody was hurt when a small plane crashed while landing Monday evening at the Lowell City Airport.

At 6:42 p.m. Monday, emergency personnel responded to a report of a plane crash at the airport, which is located at 730 Lincoln Lake in Lowell. Reports said upon landing that the plane bounced a couple of times and then flipped over.

However, Kent County Sheriff’s Office deputies at the scene told FOX 17 NEWS that there were no injuries, that the incident was more of a hard landing than a crash and that the plane did not overturn.

The wheels were folded underneath and there was minor damage to the plane. The uninjured pilot left the scene riding a scooter.