Outdoor ArtPrize Exhibits Drying Out

Posted at 12:26 PM, Sep 19, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich,– As the skies began to clear following Thursday morning storms, people started to flood downtown Grand Rapids for the second day of ArtPrize.

Artists at outdoor venues like the B.O.B. spent the morning drying out. Kansas City artist Michael Mayoski spent the night out in the rain with his entry. In fact, he’s still creating it.

Mayoski’s piece, entitled “Love,” is a series of 210 canvasses put together to make one giant mural. For creations like this, outdoor spaces are a must. And everything he uses to make it have to be kept outside; brushes, paint, canvasses, and a handsaw.

“I bring everything that’s pretty much water proof, except myself,” said Mayoski.

Mayoski prefers to be outside, so dealing with any unexpected weather is something he prepares for ahead of time. He has participated in ArtPrize the past four years and will keep coming back, rain or shine.

“I hope I never win,” said Mayoski. “If you win, you can’t come back. I enjoy it every year. This is my artistic vacation.”