Injuries Discovered On Brother Of Two-Year-Old Murdered In GR, Mother Investigated

Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-24 16:31:04-04

Grand Rapids, Mich.  —  More legal trouble could be ahead for the mother of a two-year-old who was found dead in her home in Grand Rapids in mid-August.

Zaeyana Driggs – Threats’ father, DeShawn Threats, was charged with her murder.

However, FOX 17 has uncovered new information that points to Darci as a possible suspect at one point in the case.

Also, there appears to have been injuries found on her brother, 6-month-old DeShawn Jr., following the murder.

A source close to the investigation says it’s been discovered that DeShawn Jr. had upwards of four fractures on his body.

That’s something that Darci partially confirms online, by posting, “‘So I found out that both my children had injuries to them!!!  OMG (***) AHHHHHHHHHHHH…uhhhhhhhh I just can`t believe all this (**) – how I wish this was a dream so bad!”

Court documents say 6-month-old DeShawn Jr. was in the home at the time his sister was killed.

It’s uncertain when those injuries may have occurred.

DeShawn Jr. was removed from Darci’s care immediately following his sister’s death by CPS and family court officials.

Court documents show that after Zaeyana died, Darci herself was partially the focus of the investigation, not just Zaeyana’s father.

They state, “‘Zaeyana was found to have multiple injuries.  Both Parents are considered suspects.”

Family court officials also said Darci had been smoking marijuana for quite some time, saying, “Children`s Protective Services has been involved with the family since March 2013 when DeShawn Threats JR. tested positive at birth for marijuana.”

Court documents claim the drug use continued on the day Zaeyana died.

They state, “‘Mr. Threats reported that he and Ms. Driggs smoke marijuana three times a day and smoked marijuana at 1 am this morning.”

People close to the Driggs-Threats family are also coming forward with concern that Darci may be pregnant again and there may be an issue of continued drug use.

We found Darci posting about her pregnancy in her own words, saying, “Well yall today is the day….pink or blue??? We shall see in about an hour….”

She later posted, “it`s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!”

She told friends that she’s due in February.

If the statements in family court documents quoting DeShawn Sr. are accurate, the timeline would indicate the couple was smoking marijuana while she was pregnant with her fourth child.

Meanwhile, documents show Darci and her attorney are demanding a jury trial in the neglect case in family court against her.

They are asking that CPS turn over the information including police reports and drug tests they used to generate those allegations against her.

DeShawn Threats Sr. defended Darci during a previous interview, saying she was a good, hard-working mom and had urged her to fight to keep their children.

“I love her and I hope everything is not getting her down too bad, She keeps still being a strong woman, and keeps taking care of our kids, and keep, if they try to take our son, keep fighting to get him back,” said DeShawn Threats Sr.

Prosecutors in Kent County have not criminally charged Darci Driggs in relation to any of the allegations brought to light in family court.

A spokesperson with Child Protective Services says they can’t comment on specific cases.