UPDATE: Dog Found Alive And Reunited With Family

Posted at 9:26 PM, Sep 04, 2013

MONTCALM COUNTY, Mich.–  The story FOX 17 brought you about a dog going missing after a car crash has a happy ending.

Isa, a 130-pount Rottweiler, was reunited with her family after going missing from an accident. Ashley Terbeek who is five months pregnant, swerved to miss a deer Tuesday when she crashed into a tree 300 feet off the road on US-131 by Cutler Road near Howard City.  Terbeek suffered several broken ribs and a broken leg, but her and the baby are going to be okay.

Her dog was missing after getting thrown the windshield, though. Friends spent all day Tuesday searching the brush near the highway but couldn’t found Isa.  It wasn’t until Wednesday morning when she was spotted by people in the neighborhood less than a mile from where the accident happened.  She only had a few scratches.

Wednesday Ashley’s husband, Ross, went to pick her up and meet the people that helped find her. One of those people was Glen Anderson, the same man who found Ashley on the side of the road after her accident.

Isa found on scene“If I didn’t call 911 she would probably not have been spotted, she was so far down in that embankment,” he said.

Ashley who is still in the hospital was able to ‘FaceTime’ with Anderson and Isa over the phone. She thanked Anderson for not only saving her life but her dog’s.

Isa is going to be taken to the vet just to be checked out and will likely get to see Ashley in person when she gets out of the hospital.