Former Wyoming GM Lot: ‘It’s a Real Eyesore’

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 04, 2013

WYOMING, Mich. – It’s been four years since the General Motors plant in Wyoming shut down.  Homeowners in the area said they’re disappointed that nothing has been done with the property, saying, “it’s a real eyesore.”

Developed in 1936, the old GM Stamping Plant was once a staple of a flourishing city.  Employing people by the thousands, the property is now nothing more than an empty lot.

“I just feel that The City is not following through on what they’ve been promising,” Loretta Lindy, a homeowner in Wyoming said.

Lindy is not alone her frustrations. Several other homeowners spoke out to FOX 17 about what they think should be done with the property.

“Our property value is going down everywhere,” Ned Honeysette, another home told FOX 17. “When the building was there, when they teared it down, they should’ve renovated and created jobs.”

The plant shut down in 2009. Two years later, an announcement was made that economic development agency, The Right Place, Inc., along with developer Lormax Stern and the City of Wyoming, would all work together to redevelop what they now call Site36.

“Are they going to wait until all the dirt blows away until they do something,” Lindy asked.

The webpage for the property states: “Together, this redevelopment team has set a vision to attract one or two large-scale smart manufacturers that will carry forward the sites legacy of generating long-term economic growth.”

FOX 17 reached out to the developers to see when those plans would come to fruition. Both The Right Place, Inc. and Lormax Stern failed to comment. However, an official with the City of Wyoming told us the project is making “great progress.” Saying, a plan is in place and that it will be unveiled in the fall.

Regardless of what becomes of the 92 acre, historic lot, the people who live there said they hope it will bring the life back to their community.

“I want to see buildings put up there and people getting jobs,” Honeysette said.