Woman Shot in Head Speaks to FOX 17

Posted at 6:28 PM, Aug 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-29 12:44:19-04

MUSKEGON, Mich. — Carmesha Rogers was shot in the head on July 9th. Wednesday, she told her amazing story of survival to FOX 17.

She’s out of the hospital now. Wednesday afternoon, she hugged kids. It’s something she’s rarely been able to do for the past month.

Her life almost ended on July 9th.

“I just remember everything going black and waking up in the ICU,” Rogers recalled.

She had been in the back of the head near her front door. Moments before that, she said she was upstairs on her balcony and saw men arguing on the sidewalk.

“It broke out to a fight first, and that’s all I thought it was going to be at that time. When I turned back around, everybody had guns,” she said.

Bullets flew towards her home as kids played on her porch. Rogers said she rushed downstairs to whisk the kids inside and ended up getting shot.

Now a piece of her skull is missing as a result of the bullet that hit her. Despite what happened, she holds no ill feelings for the shooter.

“I know that that bullet wasn’t meant for me,” Rogers said.

Police said that stray bullet came from her neighbor’s gun. That neighbor, Alex Brown, was killed in the shootout.

“I actually grew up with the guy that shot me. He just cut my son hair a couple days before. So I’m not mad at him. I’m mad at the situation for happening, but I’m not mad at him. He actually died over it, and I’m still here,” Rogers said.

Family has stood by her side through it all.

“My mother comes to see me every day. My husband, man, he stayed with me the whole time at the hospital. He even slept in the bed with me cause I couldn’t sleep without him,” she said.

Rogers said her husband kept her motivated in the hospital as she started her recovery, but it wasn’t it easy.

“I was scared, but couldn’t let her see that,” Jeremy Rogers, her husband said.

“You know, we had to be strong for her.

“We just had to be strong and keep praying for her and let her know we gone be here for you no matter what

Jeremy Rogers said the “she proved everybody wrong” considering her critical injuries could have taken away many abilities. However, she’s able to walk, talk, and see.

She’s a fighter, but the hardest part for Carmesha was being away from her kids.

“The ones I’ve missed forever, I couldn’t rest sometimes cause I was thinking about them all the time,” Rogers said.

Knowing what happened July 9th, Carmesha Rogers said she’d do it again.

“Don’t no kid deserved to be around stuff like what went on. I just pictured my kids being out there. That was my first reaction, to get the kids out the way,” she explained.

To help Rogers with medical expenses, her family said you can go to any PNC Bank and donate to the “Carmesha Rogers Fund.”

Five men have been arrested for the July 9th shooting. Two are out on bond. All of them face weapons charges. None of the men have been charged with Alex Brown’s murder.