Voting Results: Muskegon, Kentwood Mayoral Races and Grand Rapids Third Ward

Posted at 10:07 PM, Aug 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-06 22:40:29-04

Election-vote-ballot-boxWEST MICHIGAN — FOX 17 has been following the preliminary voting for the Kentwood and Muskegon mayoral races Tuesday evening.

In Kentwood, there were five mayoral candidates, all vying to succeed outgoing mayor Richard Clanton.  Sharon Brinks is the frontrunner after Tuesday’s preliminary election, taking 44% of the vote.  The closest contender was Stephen Kepley, who took 28% of the 4,032 ballots cast.

The Muskegon mayoral race results are as follows:  Incumbent Stephen J. Gawron took a healthy 67% of the 2,106 votes.  The closest challenger was Zawdie Abiade with 20% of the vote.  The third candidate, Jeanette Moore, received the remaining 13% of the vote, and is no longer a contender in the November election.

Senita Lenear took a commanding 59% of the vote for the Grand Rapids Third Ward seat, edging out challengers Michael Tuffelmire and Annette Ries.

All election results are unofficial until ratified by their respective city clerks.  Stay tuned to FOX 17 for the latest election results as they become available.


Kentwood Mayor

  • Sharon Brinks- 1774 votes
  • Stephen Kepley- 1124 votes
  • Burton Lee Isler- 568 votes
  • Thomas Webb 394 votes
  • William Gray- 124 votes

Muskegon Mayor

  • Stephen J. Gawron- 1,404 votes
  • Zawdi Abiade- 418 votes
  • Jeanette Moore- 284 votes

Grand Rapids Third Ward Seat

  • Senita Lenear- 2,642 votes
  • Michael Tuffelmire- 1,563 votes
  • Annette Ries- 221 votes