Elderly Couple Pulled From Home With Deadly Carbon Monoxide Levels

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jun 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-27 08:16:49-04

OVERISEL TOWNSHIP, Mich- Brothers Scott and Jack Ross thought it would be a typical day at work when they arrived to install carpet at Harold and Barb Hulst’s house Wednesday.

What was supposed to be a routine installation turned into a life-saving stroke of lucky timing as they found the Hulsts passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The owner of the company, Rick Lefebre, says that when the brothers arrived at the Hulst home, the elderly couple told them they weren’t feeling well and would be in the back bedroom.

The Ross brothers went to work but suddenly felt sick.  They went outside for fresh air, felt better and that’s when they knew something was wrong.

The brothers rushed to the bedroom where they found the Hulsts unresponsive.  They were able to get the couple outside and call for help.

When crews arrived, all four people were taken to the hospital.  Tests showed carbon monoxide levels were 100 times what they should be.

Neighbors say the furnace heats the water in the Hulst’s home and the exhaust somehow was damaged, causing the carbon monoxide to go into the home instead of the chimney.

Fire crews said if the Ross brothers hadn’t been there, the Hulsts would have died.

All four people were released from the hospital Wednesday.