Pizza Delivery Driver, a War Veteran, Attacked by Customers

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jun 10, 2013

ALLEGAN, Mich.–A pizza delivery driver and retired soldier from Allegan said he was attacked over the weekend while on the job.

It was the second time Dylan Storey, who works for Vitale’s in Allegan, made the trip out to Grand Junction Saturday night. Storey says the customers weren’t pleased with their first pizza.

“I had to ask them to show me the pizza and they refused to bring it out,” he said.  “When they finally did  I looked at it and couldn’t return it.”

Storey said that’s when the group got mad.

“I ended up feeling a really bad situation so I walked towards my car and started to leave. I opened my door and tried to get in, that’s when one of them smashed the pizza in my face. The other two grabbed me and threw me to the ground, the woman jumped on my back, the males hit and kicked me in the face and in the ribs,” he said.

Storey says, over something like a pizza, this should have never happened.

“If it was anybody smaller than me, if it was somebody with less experience it could have been a lot worse,” he said.

A police report was filed and Michigan State Police did respond, but so far no arrests have been made.