Woman Shot By Father Had History Of Drinking And Assaults

Posted at 11:15 PM, May 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-28 23:15:34-04

A man from Berlin Township, accused of killing his own daughter didn’t have a criminal history, but his daughter did.

73-year-old Donald Lasley was accused of shooting and killing his daughter Saturday in Ionia County.

He’s now charged with open murder in her death and is being held without bond.

His daughter, 37-year-old Jacquie Osterhout had been living with her parents following her divorce.

However, court documents indicate the family and Jacquie had rather violent history.

Reports of fights and assaults were coming out of the family’s home long before this weekend’s shooting in which her father, Donald Lasley, was accused of shooting and killing her.

her family didn’t want to comment on the case Tuesday.

However, some of the more tumultuous moments are recorded in the court documents.

Those included problems with alcohol starting in July of 2008 in which Ionia police arrested her for being drunk and disorderly.

That incident was followed by a long list of other alcohol related complaints and charges including DUI arrests and charges and parole violations.

Also, in July of 2009, there was a CPS complaint filed after she was accused of hitting and scratching her young son while she was drunk.

She was also accused of threatening a boyfriend with a knife at some point during late December of 2010 through January of 2011 and also threatening her mother, Noel.

At least one of her children was reportedly present during that incident and said he had to separate the two.
One of the most detailed complaints involved a fight in July of 2012 which prompted Jacquie to go to Sparrow Hospital in Ionia.

She reported that she’d been assaulted by her father, Donald Lasley.

When police talked to her, they said she was receiving treatment for a laceration on her big toe.

She told police he was yelling at her for drinking again.

It was something she was prohibited from doing as part of her probation restrictions.

She said he, “head butted her in the forehead” and they fell to the floor, reporting that “her mother, Noel Lasley began hitting her in the head with a water bottle.”

When interviewed, Donald Lasley “admitted to an altercation and to wrestling with his daughter.”

Police said Lasley told them he didn’t know what the fight started over, but admitted they bumped each other and it escalated as he was trying to calm her down.

“He indicated alcohol problems have caused her to lose everything”…including her house, job, children and marriage.

Then, on July 15 of last year, police were called to the house by her mother, Noel.

When they arrived, they reported that they found Jacquie laying on the dining room floor, face down with blood on her head, toe and arm.

Police said, “she had her pants and underwear off and she was yelling and swearing at everyone in the house.”

Donald Lasley “was standing in the dining room/living room with blood on his forehead, hands and shirt,” according to the report.

Police said “Jacquie was flinging her legs and exposing herself without a care that her two sons and parents where there in front of her.”

Reports say she appeared drunk.

Her father advised police at that time that, “his daughter’s behavior had increasingly gotten more aggressive lately.”

Perhaps a foreboding warning, he said, “he is sure that if she doesn’t get help soon, she will kill one or more of them one of these days.”

Her mother, Noel, stated in this hand written letter from July 15, Jacquie was not allowed on the property at the time she got into the fight with her father.

January 7, 2013 she was arrested for attempted assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and for an assault on her mother.

Court documents also reveal Jacquie was accused of assaulting a woman on April, 5, 2013.

Neighbors reported that law enforcement officials were at the house just about 9 days prior to the deadly shooting.

They were apparently there to pick her up on an open warrant stemming from that assault in April of 2013.

Her ex-husband Eric had custody of the two children and had moved with them to the Upper Peninsula following a separation and divorce.

His family said they didn’t want to talk about the case.