Gun Used In Homicide Tied To Three Crimes

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-24 18:48:03-04

A man accused of shooting and killing his own brother made an appearance in Kent County Court Friday.

During that preliminary hearing, details came out on why police think he was the man who pulled the trigger on Mahdi Hayes.

Hayes was found dead in an alley with a gunshot wound to the back of the head in Grand Rapids.

Investigators testified that they’d discovered that same weapon was also used in the shooting death of Hayes’ ex-girlfriend, Eve’Anna Galloway just five days earlier and a robbery on college avenue just before that.

In court Royale Runyon appeared to shake his head at times while listening to some of the testimony on the stand.

First a witness testified about the robbery on College Street on December, 14.

Witness John Breslin said Runyon and another man walked up to him, with Runyon acting as if he had a gun in his pocket.

“They told me to give me all my valuables, said Breslin. “I said no. They said yes you are. I have a gun. Then I ran down college south to a house with lights on.”

Breslin said the two men fired a shot as he got to the door, but he wasn’t hit.

Then, police said the next day, Eve’Anna Galloway was found dead in her apartment on December 15, with a gun shot to the head.

Her ex-boyfriend Mahdi Hayes was found dead in an alley near his home on December, 20.

In court investigators brought forth the gun that was involved, saying it was the same weapon used in the robbery on College Street, then the Murder of Galloway, then the murder of Hayes.

They said the casings at all three scenes matched the same gun.

Prosecutors also brought forth witness Angel Hardy.

She testified that Royale gave her a gun during a candlelight vigil for Hayes off of Henry Street.

Because police were there, admitting it had been used in a crime.

“Royale gave me the gun to hold so I held it for him,” said Hardy. “He told me there was a couple bodies on it.”

It was at that vigil that Runyon was arrested, prosecutors said his friend Hardy then used the gun just four days later in a different robbery on Christmas Day.

The suspects were caught and when they tested it, it tied the crimes together.

Although the defense pointed out, there was no DNA on the gun or prints connecting Runyon to the weapon.

The preliminary hearing will continue at a later date as more witnesses still needed to testify in the case.

Investigators testified that Runyon had a key belonging to Galloway’s home when he was arrested.

However, he has not been charged in her murder, only his brother’s murder.