Waiting Game Continues For Evacuated Residents At Plaza Towers

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 29, 2013
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — More than 1,000 residents of Plaza Towers in Grand Rapids remain evacuated due to flooding.Residents have been out of their homes for more than a week now.Homeowners and renters there say they aren’t being told enough about what’s going on and are pressing for a timeline.

FOX 17 producer Bridget Kennedy has been trying to stay out of the way of her three friends who let her move into their apartment after she was forced to evacuate.

“I do have my pillow. I have as many things with me basically as I can fit in this bag,” said Kennedy.Kennedy’s living quarters are reduced to a corner near the couch. Her groceries now must fit in a mini fridge.She tells us the uncertainty is frustrating.”I have to keep reminding myself, I have no control over it,” said Kennedy.The problem with getting residents back into the Plaza Towers was the fact there was still water in the basement and lower parking levels.However, the pumps appear to have cleared out the water.

A picture from an employee at the Plaza Towers showed the floor of the basement, mostly clear of water Monday.

The building’s owners indicated that they placed two large heaters there Saturday to dry the floors.

They also told residents that refrigerators had been cleaned out in the building and the waste bags removed Saturday.

Kennedy went inside her condo Monday to get more clothes and to find out what was going on inside.She said the hallways were clean and organized although she did detect a smell of rotting fruit.

Kennedy found out that her fridge had been emptied except for condiments and other items that wouldn’t have been affected by the lack of refrigeration due to the power being shut off.

She’s happy someone cleaned her fridge and was grateful for being able to get back in, but wants an estimate on when she can come back for good.

“I just wish that they would give us a date. If it`s this week, great. If it`s in three weeks, we have to deal with what we have to deal with, but I would just like to know because we have to prepare,” said Kennedy.