Kent County: Flood Rescues May Cost You

Posted at 6:18 PM, Apr 24, 2013

KENT COUNTY, Mich.–Kent County leaders are reminding residents to follow the rules when it comes to flood zones and stay off the water. Emergency crews continue to deal with a number of health and safety issues.

They have concerns about fast-moving currents, debris, and contamination. Since the flooding, emergency crews have had to conduct rescues of several people who have ventured into the water on a kayak or raft and ended up in trouble.

The department says some communities may charge people for the cost of the rescues and even issue citations for these actions.

Barricades remain posted on a number of roads throughout the county and drivers are reminded to follow the detours.

“Several motorists have driven into areas in spite of barricades,” said Lt.Jack Stewart, Emergency Management Coordinator for Kent County.

“On four occasions, the vehicles did not make it through the water over the roadway, and required first responders to come to their aid. If a law enforcement officer or deputy witnesses someone driving around a barricade, the driver will be issued a ticket.”

Some other reminders from Kent County:

1: If you were evacuated from your home, do not return until authorities say it is safe.

2. If your power is out and/or your gas is shut down, do not attempt to turn these on yourself.

3. Do not light matches in a house or business until it is deemed safe.