Family In Hastings Hit By Fire, Then Flooding

Posted at 7:22 PM, Apr 24, 2013
HASTINGS, Mich. — A family in West Michigan is trying to make sense of recent flooding in their home following another disaster there that happened just over a month before.

The Kaufmans live off of Carlton Center East in Hastings.

A fire broke out in their daughter’s bedroom on March 15 from a candle.

As they were cleaning up and rebuilding, flooding hit.

The water destroyed much of what they salvaged from the fire.

“It was just full of water,” said Heather Kaufman. “We just wanted to get back in our home and it just seems  like one thing after another.”

The water was waist-deep in some areas Wednesday, and early in the week it was high enough to cover a child’s swing set.

“It’s deep, and it just hasn’t stopped,” Heather said. “It’s flowing right through the door, right into our basement.” She said the flooding caught them off guard, since their home sits nowhere near a body of water like a lake, river, or creek.

Insurance money had just replaced the drywall in the basement damaged by water from the fire department’s hoses. Now it’s destroyed again.

Heather said their insurance company also told them they won’t replace it again. She said the family didn’t have flood insurance because they don’t live near a body of water, so they didn’t think it was necessary.

The items salvaged from the fire were placed downstairs and outside while they renovated. Those items have now been destroyed by the rising water.

For now, the power remains off because of the water level. The house is cold and empty.

The Kaufmans hoped that after the fire the house would be ready for a milestone for Alex. “We wanted to be home for his first birthday, and it’s not happening,” said Kaufman.

While she prays for a miracle and help with the house, Heather is also counting twice her blessings for some of the small things. “The fire didn’t ruin our pictures. It didn’t ruin anything that can’t be replaced.”

If you would like information on how to help Kaufman and her family, you can email, and your contact information will be forwarded to the family.