Wyoming Halts State Of Emergency

Posted at 8:07 PM, Apr 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-19 20:07:06-04

WYOMING, Mich. — The city of Wyoming has ended the state of emergency it had declared due to flooding.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, Wyoming Mayor Pro-Tem Sam Bolt terminated the state of emergency.

Meanwhile, in other Wyoming flooding developments, residents of evacuated areas are strongly urged  not to return to their homes if flooding has not yet subsided. 
The Red Cross emergency shelter at the Kentwood Community Center, 355 48th Street SE. is still available.

The Wyoming Police Department will continue to monitor the Ideal Park neighborhood throughout the night.

The Police Department expressed appreciation for citizen cooperation during the emergency situation. Residents’ willingness to work in partnership with the Police Department made the officers’ jobs much easier.

One street segment, Clay Avenue south of 56th Street, remains closed to traffic.

The Public Works department has determined that many reports of flooded basements are in fact from ground water, not from sewer backups. If a resident is confident that water gathering in a basement is ground water, for example if it is apparent water has seeped in through cracks, there is no need to notify the city. If, however, a resident is uncertain or know that the water came from the floor drain backing up, they are asked to contact the public works Department at 530-7260.

Sanitary sewage flow remains at double normal capacity. The Clean Water Plant is not discharging untreated sewage, however, the overflow is continuing to bypass the final step of water chlorination. This could continue throughout the weekend.

For the benefit of the community, all users of the Wyoming Sanitary Sewer System are asked to voluntarily reduce their discharge of wastewater as much as possible and defer the washing of clothes or dishes, showers, baths and other discretionary water uses that can be temporarily avoided.

The Public Works Department is reminding residents to stay away from downed power lines or areas that have been indicated as dangerous by caution tape or other signage.

Residents of the evacuated areas are strongly urged to not return to their homes until flooding has subsided.

Inspectors are working to go door-to-door with Consumers Energy to ensure residents’ homes are safe and habitable.  Per electrical codes, residences in which water levels reached electrical equipment, which may include furnaces or water heaters, occupancy will not be permitted until any necessary repairs are completed and approved.

Approximately 25 homes on Crippen Avenue and Averill Avenue south of 56th Street cannot be occupied until power is restored.
 The majority of homes in Creekside Estates Parks and Lodge on Clyde Park do not have power.

If residents have concerns regarding gas or electric utilities, they must contact their utility provider. It is unknown at this time when services will be completely restored.

Battjes, 40th Street, Ideal, Lemery, Buck Creek Nature Preserve, Pinery Park and the dog park remain closed. Residents are reminded to exercise extreme caution and stay away from ponds and streams.