Noise Ordinance Left Unchanged, Board Votes To Abandon Fact Finding Mission

Posted at 10:53 PM, Apr 08, 2013

ALAMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. – In a surprising and unscheduled vote, the Alamo Township Board voted four to one to abandon the pursuit of a new noise ordinance.

That vote came late Monday night, and will mean the races will go on at the Kalamazoo Speedway without fear of being too loud and in violation of an ordinance.

A crowded township hall let out a cheer after the board members finalized their decision.

As FOX 17 has reported in the past, some township board members had an issue with the way the current noise ordinance is written.

According to Lou Conti, the Alamo Township Supervisor, the 40-year-old ordinance does not include specific decibel readings and would be nearly impossible to enforce.

As we’ve reported this winter, the township board considered limiting the noise to 82 decibels in the day time and 55 decibels after 11:00pm.

A decision that would affect late races at the Kalamazoo Speedway.

The township board was considering having a third-party investigate the noise levels at the track, but the decision tonight means the racing will continue as it has for the past 60 years.

In fact, the owner of the track told FOX 17 all Alamo Township residents can come to the track for free on April 27th as long as they bring proof that they live in Alamo Township.

The owner said it’s just his way of saying thank you to the supporters who stood by the track during the months of debate.