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How To Get A Good Referral

Posted at 9:25 AM, Mar 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-31 09:25:28-04

Kathi Jo DeYoung of Joyous Journey tells us how to get a good referral.

1.To receive a referral you need to:

  •     Know specifically what you looking for….a person, a business, or a market.
  •     Know what you have to offer… a product or service, price, timing, experience or credentials.
  •     Be able to identify what your value added is and what will be the return on their investment.

2. Referrals for Employment:

  •     Know the types of job you are looking specific and do research.
  •     Meet with people you know who trust and respect you.
  •     Let them know what you are looking for.. a personal connection or a type of work.
  •     Stay visible…volunteer and do something you believe in.
  •     Work the process and make sure you follow up.

3. Referrals to grow your business:

  •     Know the type of client/referral partner you are looking for…be specific.
  •     Identify where you find these clients and how someone else might recognize them.
  •     Treat your clients with respect and gratitude and develop a relationship.
  •     Follow up and follow through…under promise and over deliver.