New Store Has Ammo And Guns To Keep Up With Demand

Posted at 11:08 PM, Mar 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-21 23:08:17-04

GRANDVILLE, Mich. –  The national shortage of guns and ammunition means empty shelves on nearly every gun store in West Michigan and elsewhere.

Employees at the new Cabela’s in Grandville tell FOX 17 they have been stocking up for months in anticipation of the high demand.

They also have plans to keep the shelves stocked long after the grand opening.

In the gun section of Cabela’s on Thursday there were 50 employees in the firearm section alone.

Bullets on the shelves of stores is a sight some gun owners have waited months to see.

So how can this store do what others across West Michigan can not?

Daniel Hosier, a firearms manager at Cabela’s said, “We are the number one outfitter in the world right now and we’ve got the buying power and have been stocking up for a little while.  They supply military first and then they are coming to us.”

The same can be said for firearms.

When the doors opened at Cabela’s the store had 55 ArmaLite rifles or AR’s for sale.  Six hours later, only 20 AR’s remained.

Part of the reason for a high demand on ammo has to do with so many new gun owners.

Bonnie Saunders was buying her first gun for protection, “We’ve had problems with someone breaking in our house three times now and I don’t like going down this road because I have never done it before but I have chose this because this is something I have to do now.  I have to protect me and my family.”

But even the shelves of a brand new store can’t stay fully stocked for long.  That is why Hosier says a new shipment is scheduled to arrive daily.