Jody Snyder Homicide: Landlord to Face Felony Homicide Charge

Posted at 9:23 AM, Mar 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-21 09:23:03-04

VALLEY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Marion ‘Curt’ Conley faces one count of Felony Homicide and a count of Obstructing Police in connection with the homicide of Jody Snyder in Allegan County.  Conley was the victim’s landlord, and is set to be arraigned on charges later Thursday afternoon.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Department said he had been arrested on Wednesday.

Jody Snyder’s body was found in his rented home on March 9th.  He had been shot multiple times.  The 37-year-old had been living there for about three years with his teenage son.

The crime scene was too graphic to show, but Conley spoke with FOX 17 News shortly after police began their investigation into Snyder’s death.  At the time, he told our crews about being questioned by police as they searched his home the night Snyder was killed.

Marion Conley is being held in the Allegan County Jail on $765,000 bond, and will be arraigned later Thursday afternoon.  In addition to the Felony Homicide and Obstructing Police, Conley’s criminal record includes a Misdemeanor Assault charge for a crime that happened back in March of 1965.

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