Hearing Pushed Back for Man Charged with Raping Child

Posted at 12:37 PM, Mar 18, 2013

MUSKEGON, Mich.– A Muskegon man charged with raping a 6 year-old girl was back in court today.

Sixty-six year-old Jimmy Lee Upchurch is charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct. He was set to have his preliminary hearing today in Muskegon. But, the prosecutor requested it be rescheduled.

Joseph Bader said the young victim is having a hard time talking about the ordeal in the first place, and an especially hard time doing so in a formal courtroom setting in front of strangers. Bader referred to a practice session they held.

Bader assured the judge that she is not recanting her story, but that she just needs more time to work with a counselor.

The sex act allegedly happened December 26th, 2012. According to police, Upchurch was a friend of the little girl’s family.

He remains in jail until another date can be set.