Catholic Students Hold Watch Parties For Election Of New Pope

Posted at 6:51 PM, Mar 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-13 20:32:36-04

WYOMING, Mich. – Students at St. John Vianney Catholic School in Wyoming hosted watch parties for the announcement of the new pope in each of their classrooms.

There was clapping and cheering from the students when the doors opened at the Vatican and Jorge Mario Bergoglio made his first appearance as Pope Francis I.

Student Evan Sander said he was excited to see the historic election in his lifetime.He said he was listening to the radio Tuesday to find out the top three choices and was eagerly awaiting the decision.
Students also said they were excited a pope was chosen from the America’s.
“I think that’s pretty cool how all the other popes are from Europe and now they have a new one from Argentina,”  said Lindsey Luczak, a student at St. John Vianney School. “I think that’s a good way to spread the Catholic faith.”
Teachers had been weaving different lessons about the election of the pope into the classroom material.
Students admit they were hoping for a pope from the United States.

“I was kind of hoping for someone from the U.S. because I would feel very honored and happy,” said Sander. “But, it didn’t work out. But, like I said, as long as that person applies their faith I’ll be happy. More than 200 students at the school watched the live broadcast Wednesday.”