Two Friends Die From Heroin At The Same Hudsonville Home, Just Weeks Apart

Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-04 18:52:50-05

Two young lives are cut short in what appears to be heroin overdoses in the Hudsonville area.

The timeline and location where they died are both factors detectives are focused on Monday.

Both of the deaths are being tied to the same house in an upscale suburb in Jamestown Township.

The homeowner, Blake Windham, is now under scrutiny after two of his friends died there, just weeks apart.

It was at his home on Stable Drive where the two men died within four weeks of one another from suspected heroin overdoses.

First, Cory Dykstra was found dead the Monday after the Superbowl, February, 4, and now his friend Jordon Bauer dead, also from a suspected heroin overdose Saturday.

The two men were both friends with the homeowner Blake Windham. Detectives say he was the one who called 911 Saturday when he found Bauer not breathing.

When detectives and medical units arrived, they say he admitted to them that they both were doing heroin before they went to sleep Friday.

“They went to bed sometime around the midnight hour. The homeowner woke up and found the deceased friend in his living room.,” said Bennett.

Windham was on probation for reckless driving in 2012 and when he admitted to doing drugs, it was a probation violation.

The admission put him behind bars for a time Monday.

He also lost custody of his son Saturday.

The youngster was placed with a relative.

“At the time of this event there was a four-year-old son that was at home so Child Protective Services was notified on Saturday,” said Bennett.

With two of his friends dying within weeks, investigators will be putting the spotlight on Windham and will check to see if he should face charges in the most recent death.

“There is a statue that has to do with supplying the drugs that cause death that is a felony charge,” said Bennett.

Windham could also face misdemeanor charges for maintaining a house that allows drug use, but investigators said it’s still too early to make that determination.

Some neighbors we talked to said they had seen a number of cars coming and going from the home at various times which did seem suspicious to them.

Bennettt says Investigators also received a number of Silent Observer tips also making those claims. He says they will be following up on that information.