West MI Man Describes Nor’easter

Posted at 9:34 PM, Feb 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-09 22:37:00-05

The snow seen in the northeast is the same snow system West Michigan experienced.

FOX 17 meteorologist Kevin Craig said the difference between the two is that two systems mixed over the northeast.

A second system moved north and merged with the snow system. This caused a large down pour in several states.

Governors in many states warned drivers to stay off the roads. They threatened fines and even jail time.

They wanted road crews and first responders to be able to get through without the hindrance of stuck vehicles.

That includes firefighter Michael Mcleieer of Kalamazoo. He splits his time between Michigan and Merrimac, Massachusetts. That’s where he is now, helping out.

“The highway crews both at the town, city, and state highway level have worked in conjunction and crews have been out all night,” Mcleieer said.

“And it’s really been much easier since the driving ban that the Governor put into effect was taken seriously and people stayed off the roadways,” he explained.

He added, “During the peak of the storm highway crews said it was very difficult for them to even see and this was plow truck operators, as well as front end loader operators and so forth.”

Some residents took to twitter and posted pictures of the snowfall. The picture with this article shows “two feet” of snow made from the blizzard’s snow.