Grand Rapids Lands New Boeing Contract

Posted at 2:03 PM, Jan 31, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS , Mich. – GE Aviation has been awarded a contract from The Boeing Company to provide the flight management system for the Boeing 737 MAX airplane.

737-FMS wh bkgrdThe system will be designed and manufactured at GE facilities in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Clearwater, Florida.  The first 737 MAX is on track to be delivered in 2017.

GE Aviation’s flight management system controls the aircraft track to an accuracy of 10 meters and the time of arrival to within 10 seconds to any point in the flight plan.   Benefits include the ability to fly shorter flight paths and idle-thrust descents which reduces fuel consumption, thereby lowering emissions and community noise levels.  Software and hardware updates provide the latest technology to continue to meet the needs of the world’s evolving airspace, offering safe and efficient improvements to aircraft operations.