Cannonsburg Ski Area Open Despite Warm Weather

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-13 00:48:22-05

The recent weather has made it tough for Cannonsburg Ski Area to stay open.

“It’s slushy, but they have snow. The only place around here that has snow, so it’s been a lot of fun,” Chris Naum , skier said.

Chris Naum owns a season pass to Cannonsburg Skis Area and loves spending time on the hill.

“It’s pretty amazing they pulled it off, it definitely kind of painful to wait for the season. It’s like you’re waiting all summer to ski, and then you think, I should be skiing right now, but then they don’t have any snow,” Naum said.

The rain we got on Thursday, followed by warmer weather made it difficult for them to make snow. In an effort to protect what they’ve made management decided to close the hill Friday, so they wouldn’t lose any of the snow base they built up.

“Anytime we see that window of opportunity for making snow, we are going to be making snow,” John Losey, Ski and Ride Director for Cannonsburg Ski Area said.

The Ski and Ride Director for the area says they decided to sink a lot of cash into buying new snow guns for the area, so when they can make snow, it’s good quality.

“It’s the best snow making equipment that we’ve ever had out here. I’ve been personally involved with Cannonsburg for 24 years and this year has been the best snow that I’ve ever seen out here and it’s all been man-made,” Losey said.

Skiers like Chris have definitely noticed.

“I’m glad the owner can do a little extra bit of work, so we can all ski. It’s kind of our favorite thing to do,” Naum said.

Losey says one of the biggest problems they are facing right now, is people thinking they are closed. He says when people see green grass in their yards, they think the hills look the same.