Holland Schools Locked-down After Attempted Robbery During Power Outage

Posted at 9:01 PM, Dec 21, 2012

HOLLAND, Mich. –Holland West School, which houses K-7th grade and Holland High School were locked-down until dismissal Friday afternoon after an attempted robbery.

At around 10:15 Friday morning police said high winds knocked over a tree taking power lines down with it.

The tree fell on Graafschap Road, between 22nd and 32nd streets.  Police and fire units were called to block off streets where the downed wire happened.

“It took out power to the school and a large majority of the Westside of Holland,” said Captain Jack Dykstra.

According to Tom Page, with Holland Public Schools, the students who weren’t able to contact a parent for pick up were bused over to the high school.
Page said at no time were any students left unsupervised. An instant alert was sent out as a phone message to parents.

Holland Police Capt. Jack Dykstra said as one parent was picking up her kids from Holland West she was approached by a man wearing a mask and a black puffy jacket who implied he had a weapon.

Captain Dykstra said the man told the woman this was a robbery and she should get in the car.
The woman screamed and the man ran towards the high school prompting a lockdown of both schools.

Captain Dykstra said, “Our canines tracked that and we didn’t come up with anything on the track.  We believe he may have gotten in a vehicle.”
Schools remained on lockdown until normal dismissal.