Suspects Questioned For Connection To Double Homicide

Posted at 4:08 PM, Dec 19, 2012
and last updated 2013-02-20 12:47:41-05

MARSHALL, TX – Two of West Michigan’s Most Wanted have been arrested in Texas. The pair is being questioned for a connection to a double homicide in Newaygo.

Now the family, who has been waiting for over a month for answers, is reacting to the news of this possible break in the case.

The double murder happened in Brohman, Michigan, after Joseph “Tattoo Joe” Cherenski along with his live-in girlfriend of 15 years, Patricia VanDyk, 55, were found shot to death in their home off M-37 on November, 16, 2012 around 4:30 p.m.

Brittany Daugherty, the granddaughter of VanDyk said the past month has been rough on the family.

“I’ve been angry.  I’ve been confused as to why somebody would want to take her,” said Daugherty.

Investigators from Newaygo County contacted the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department in Texas notifying them that two suspects were rumored to be in the area. Newaygo Sheriff’s Department wanted them for a drug investigation.

The suspects are identified as Chad Alan Wilkinson, 35 and Meshell Grant, 32. They were reported to be staying at 161 Goose Prairie Drive in Harrison County, Texas.

Daugherty said she wasn’t surprised when she heard who had been arrested, “They were neighbors, and they lived really close, Meshell and Chad.”
“As soon as we found this out, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, like maybe this is them I am pretty sure this is them,” said Daugherty.

FOX 17 spoke with VanDyk’s ex-sister-in-law Sharon Jordan, who said she and a few others in the family are holding out for murder charges before allowing themselves to think the search for a killer is over.

“We don’t want to jump to conclusions,” said Jordan.  “We want the murder to be solved.  We are hoping that we can have closure on it and if Chad and Meshell have something to do with it then let’s go forward.  Let’s prosecute them and put them in prison where they belong.”

Law enforcement in Texas was briefed on the dangerous nature of the suspects, who were believed to have weapons. The men also had several warrants for their arrest.

Deputies in Texas were able to confirm the location of the suspects, and multiple agencies went to the address to make the arrest.
The warrants were served without incident. The men are currently awaiting extradition back to Michigan.