K-9 Police Officer Passes Away

Posted at 6:01 PM, Dec 10, 2012

HOLLAND, Mich – Trying to hold back the tears, Officer Paul Moreland with the Holland Police Department remembers his four-legged partner, Grego. A partner he’s known since he was a puppy and someone he called a friend.

On Friday, Moreland made the difficult decision to put Grego down. He was suffering from neurological and spinal issues due to old ago.  Grego would have turned 13 in April.

“Working with a vet, and the pain medication and trying to get some things going, it was just time. The medication wasn`t working and last Friday it was time to say goodbye to him,” Moerland said.

Moerland say Grego wasn`t the best tracking dog, but he knew how to sniff out drugs.

“He found a lot of dope hidden in places that officers would tell me later, hey I searched that three times and never found it, and Grego would find it,” Moerland said.

Gergo served as a k-9 officer from August 2002, until he retired in December of 2009. Moerland says making the decision to put him down was one of the hardest things he had to do.

“There are 60 guys in this department that would do the same thing, but to have you`re furry friend in the backseat, it helped” Moerland said.