911 Audio Tapes Released In Officer Involved Shooting Case

Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2013-02-20 12:49:03-05

BATTLE CREEK, Mich – New 911 audio tapes obtained by FOX 17 detail why Matt Daniels had troubles the night he was killed after assaulting an officer who was trying to arrest him.

On November 2, 2012, Battle Creek police officers were dispatched to a domestic assault situation in the 100 block of Uldricks around 11:10 p.m.

While on scene, Daniels attacked and choked an officer. The two fell to the ground, that’s when the suspect was shot and killed.

Lisa Suhonen, Matt Daniels mother, told police that her son was acting strange the entire day the shooting happened. Daniels showed up at her house to go grocery shopping for his birthday party that was to be the following Sunday.

Lisa said Matt was acting paranoid and claimed the feds were coming after him. He also told her that he had smoked marijuana that day, but didn’t admit to taking any other illegal drugs.

At one point, Lisa says Matt was talking to God. She said he was talking about electricity moving through him.

After dinner that night Matt took a shower, then fell asleep. Lisa says when he awoke from the nap, went downstairs and punched his step dad, Charles Suhonen, in the face.

Lisa, who was holding a 4-month old baby, was able to defect a blow intended for her. Matt went back to Charles and continued beating him. Family called 911 for help.

The Battle Creek police chief said the officer that shot Daniels has returned to work and was cleared internally of any charges. The prosecutor’s office is still investigating the incident to determine if there was any wrong doing.

Here’s the rest of the story from the 911 audio tapes:

“I’m at my boyfriends parents house and her son just flipped out and started attacking everyone,” Amanda Towry said in a 911 call.

“Who is he?” a dispatcher said.

“He’s really starting to flip out,” Towry said.

“He’s getting worse?” a dispatcher said.

“He’s getting louder and louder and just screaming the same thing over and over again,” Towry said.

Lisa says at the time she wouldn’t have put it past Matt to shoot the officer, and she looked outside to see who shot who.

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