Church Spreads Cheer With Free Christmaas Trees

Posted at 6:13 PM, Dec 01, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-03 04:01:55-05


Volunteers with Breton Road Baptist Church in Kentwood spent the afternoon Saturday handing out 300 free Christmas trees.

Pastor Cody Kuel said the church wanted to do something for the community this holiday season, so this year they bought 300 trees to hand out.

“Being in a ministry and just being part of a church, that’s what its all about it is all about,” said Kuel. “It’s about serving ohter people and we’re glad we can do that.”

Volunteers not only gave away the trees, but also helped cut and load them.

“It feels extremely good to help families who are need today, especially with the economy and everything that is going on,” said Kuel.

He said this is a way to spread love and the word of Jesus. The tree giveaway lasted all afternoon until all the trees were gone.