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Resources to help homeschool your children

Posted at 5:37 AM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 16:41:53-04

WYOMING, MICH. — Many parents are becoming a teacher for the kids during this time off and there is an educational resource center right here in West Michigan that offers different books and materials for you to learn at home.

HSB, Inc. is an educational center in Wyoming that has a bunch of different learning materials for your kids that are educational and help fight off boredom.

They say staying caught up on schoolwork does not necessarily have to take 8 hours a day like it does in a school setting with perhaps 25 children in a classroom.

With just your family at home, it may only take you a couple hours a day to accomplish what it normally would in a class.

Having this extra time at home with your kids, you can help them in areas they are struggling in so that when they do go back to school they will be prepared and fit right back in.

"We love to encourage parents year round, whether it's during this time or not, but we also want to be a help to them and figuring out just what their kids might need so that they don't have that brain drain. Whether it's doing some remedial work on things kids are struggling with already or whether it's just keeping up skills in the meantime while they're off for these weeks,” says Bookstore Manager, HSB Inc. Ann Marie Tilburt.

They also recommend parents try to keep the learning fun. Try something like a jigsaw puzzle, learning from a globe or a periodic table is something fun and educational they can do right at home.

A limited amount of shoppers can stop into HSB, Inc. or they can take your order over the phone and ship it to the customer. You can also order and pay over the phone and pick it up curbside at 5625 Burlingame Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509.