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Local pediatric nurse launches childhood trauma education program

Posted at 10:20 AM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 10:20:21-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A local pediatric nurse recently launched a trauma-informed resource for training and advocacy for childhood trauma-related education.

Bethany Hall, a licensed family nurse practitioner in Grand Rapids who specializes in complex developmental trauma, launched Healing Connection, a news release said Thursday.

Hall is a certified affiliate trainer in trauma competent caregiving by Trauma Free World.

She uses in-person and virtual platforms to teach the neuroscience of trauma, as well as conduct screenings, assessments and interventions.

Those can all be used to increase therapeutic and healing interactions for those working with or caring for children who have experienced CDT.

“As a veteran health care worker specialized in childhood trauma and a former pediatric nurse, I’ve learned so much about the underlying factors of childhood trauma, and how delicate these circumstances are in a child’s life,” Hall said. “I created Healing Connection as a way to train and educate those involved in a child’s life about CDT and how they, themselves, can become instrumental in helping children overcome trauma.”

Healing Connection brings attention to the issue and works to create community partners through centers of worship, schools and families that are trauma-informed.

It also offers services to those who have an influential role in a child’s life, including parents and guardians, foster care providers, adoptive families, educators, social workers and daycare providers, among others.

Industry experts at Healing Connection provide online or in-person support, parent coaching and focused training with audience-specific curriculum.

In addition, Healing Connection offers community networking opportunities through consultations, conference presentations, speaking engagements and panel discussions.

“We are able to identify the needs of children suffering from trauma, including CDT, the most severe and detrimental form of trauma, caused during a child’s first three years of life,” Hall said. “Our extensive training and work experience are valuable resources those who closely work with children suffering from CDT and may even have a mitigating effect on the long-term outcomes associated with chronic and acute trauma.”