Many roads impassable in Kent County

Posted at 7:53 AM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 07:53:24-04

The list of impassable roads from the Kent County Road Commission is a long one this time:

Summit (12 Mile Rd to 13 Mile Rd)

Division Ave (11 Mile Rd to Fonger)

19 Mile Rd (Peach Ridge to Fruit Ridge)

21 Mile Rd (Red Pine to Albrecht)

20 Mile Rd (Red Pine to Albrecht)

16 Mile Rd (Algoma to Edgerton)

18 Mile Rd (White Creek to Simmons)

Grosvenor (west of Ritchie dead end)

Tisdel (19 Mile Rd to 20 Mile Rd)

Sorensen (21 Mile Rd to 22 Mile Rd)

Ashley (Beardsley to 11 Mile Rd)

7 Mile Rd (Dunn to Corrigan)

Konkle & Jupiter

Bailey Park & Purchase

Canright & Briggs

4 Mile Rd & Briggs

River Point

2 Mile Rd (Pettis to Egypt Valley)

4 Mile Rd (Pettis to Egypt Valley)

Peach Ridge (8 Mile Rd to 9 Mile Rd)

Reeds Lake Blvd (East Beltline Ave to Hall St)

4 Mile Rd (Lincoln Lake to Montcalm Ave)

Ashley (North of 3 Mile Rd)

Boynton (Vergennes to Bailey)

McPherson (Alden Nash to Parnell)

4 Mile Rd (Murray Lake to Parnell)

Mcpherson (Lincoln Lake to Alden Nash)

Conservation (Fero to McCabe)