UPDATE: Story regarding man urinating on child was fabricated

Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 16:37:58-04

UPDATE – Police and prosecutors say that they have determined that the incident did not happen and that there will be no charges filed on David Dean. The Kent County Prosecutor says that after further interviews with the children, it was determined that one child urinated on one of the others and the story was made up to try and stay out of trouble.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Neighbors say the man accused of urinating on a young girl and calling her a racial slur, also tried to lure children into his home in the past.

The NAACP of Grand Rapids identifies the suspect as David Dean, 60, arrested and awaiting charges after a five-year-old black girl and her friends say he urinated on her and called her the n-word. That incident happened when the children were playing behind the library in the 1000 block of Leonard St. NW Wednesday around 6 p.m.

Matt Parker tells FOX 17 his now 11-year-old daughter lives in the same apartment building as Dean on Grand Rapids’ west side. Parker says within the last two years, Dean offered cash to his daughter and her friend if they would go inside his apartment.

“[My daughter] was so scared to go in the house, that’s what really kind of made me upset, because a child shouldn’t have to be scared to go into any type of building that they live in,” said Parker.

“She promptly told me the situation, that my daughter and her friend were walking home, going into the apartment he had offered them money to come into the apartment.”

Parker says Dean not only tried to offer his then nine-year-old daughter cash to come inside his home, but hangs around local bus stops and talks with neighborhood kids.

NAACP Grand Rapids Chapter President Cle Jackson calls for the harshest charges possible against Dean, including criminal sexual conduct, in response to Dean accused of urinating on a child then calling her the n-word.

“He deserves due process of the law, and if he is convicted, we need to make sure that he is convicted to the fullest extent of the law because this is horrific,” said Jackson. “It’s horrible a 5-year-old baby, basically, that has been exposed to this, and that will significantly impact her forever.”

Parker says his family called Grand Rapids Police in the past, regarding Dean trying to lure his daughter into his home, but says an officer told them ultimately there’s not much they could do unless Dean hurt the kids. Parker feels more needs to be done.

“It’s like we could have prevented this a long time ago, and it’s like they didn’t want to help us out at all with this matter,” said Parker.

GRPD say they handled the likely racially motivated urination incident quickly and are still investigating it. Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker told FOX 17 Friday he does not yet have an estimate of when the man will be arraigned for the urination incident.