Severe Weather Threat for Wednesday

Posted at 12:09 PM, Dec 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-23 16:43:43-05
Colin Graham

Colin Graham

It was an an absolutely spectacular start to the morning, especially over 30,000 feet.  The above sunrise picture sent to me is from my buddy Colin who shared it with me while he was flying over Battle Creek (isn't technology great?)

SPC Severe DMA (1)

Quite a bit difference on the surface today, as the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has most of our area under a "Slight" risk for severe weather today.  While the wording seems to make it like it's not a big deal, this is an incredibly impressive storm for December.  Normally we'd see this setup in the summer time, but it's occurring close to Christmas.


This complex stretches well to the south and is responsible for Tornado Watches stretching all the way from Illinois to Texas!

RPM 1 (7)

Our more widespread rain arrives shortly after 1 PM, as a few rumbles of thunder even take place!  At this time, we can expect a steady downpour with gusty winds and a few rumbles of thunder.

RPM 2 (6)

More widespread thunderstorms just after 3 PM, and this looks to be the time that we'd expect any severe weather to develop.


Main threats with this storm will be heavy rainfall with strong, straightline wind gusts up to 60 mph.  Because of this, power outages will be possible by this evening in areas that see trees damaged and high winds.  This won't last long into the evening, and most areas won't get hit by severe weather.  It's very important to note, however, because we're generally a bit more prepared for this time of weather in the spring and summer months, certainly not December!

new 3

new 2

As the severe threat diminishes, the next change arrives.  Very windy conditions arrive shortly after the rain ends.

Wind Adv

As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for our area tonight through 11 AM tomorrow.

GarryWind (1)

Just after midnight, winds are expected to be in excess of 50 mph!  This will only compound any damage done by the storms that moved through in the afternoon.

wind 2

By early morning hours Christmas Eve, winds continue to howl in excess of 40 mph.  With temperatures in the mid 40s, it will feel much cooler as a result of the wind chill.


A region wide view on Christmas Eve night provides a much calmer look.  Not much going on, so travel on the roads and even flying in many cases won't have many issues.  Keep up to date with the changing weather here: FOX 17 Weather and have a great next couple of days!