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Biggest mistakes we make at the drugstore

Posted at 11:00 AM, May 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-15 11:00:50-04

Frustrated by the rising cost of your prescription drugs, even generics that used to cost just $5 or $10?  Then you need to know about some of the biggest mistakes many of us make when we head to the drugstore.

When you need to fill a prescription, do you head to the closest Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid? That  convenience can be very costly, according to Consumer Reports Magazine.

The magazine recently listed the top drugstore mistakes many people make:

  1. Shopping at the closest pharmacy. Often, traveling just 5 more minutes -- to a big box store -- can save hundreds of dollars a year.
  2. Not asking for the lowest price. The magazine says if you ask...."what's the lowest price you can give me..." you may learn of a coupon, or other deal.
  3. Ignoring independent pharmacies. That little old Andy Griffith drugstore will do whatever they can to give you a discount.
  4. Getting a 30 day refill, when 90 days is often much cheaper, per pill
  5. Not checking with Sam's Club or Costco. If you find out later they were a lot less (they often are, according to Consumer Reports),  you'll say "doesn't that stink?"

But many of us are so attached to our  rewards cards, we don't look further than our closest store.

One last tip: Consumer Reports says prescription prices are flexible. Different customers pay different prices for the same drug at the same store.

So ask for the lowest price so you don't waste your money.