8 Cats Killed in Cedar Springs Mobile Home Fire

Posted at 9:11 PM, May 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-06 21:30:52-04

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich., (May 6, 2014) Shannon Metzger lost most of her belongings and at least eight pets after a fire at her mobile home Tuesday afternoon. The home located across from Cedar Springs Middle School near Jeanette Way and Beckett Boulevard is likely a total loss.

“From 11:15 to about 10 minutes to 5, something happened. I don’t know what happened,” Metzger told FOX 17 News. “I came home and I smelled something funny, opened the door and it was all black smoke.”

Neighbor Jeffrey Jay McKinnon rushed over to help as soon as he saw the smoke. His personal home surveillance system also captured the chaos on camera.

“I jumped up, had my wife grab the fire extinguisher…By the time I got there, the front door was melting,” explained McKinnon. “We managed to get a couple of cats out, the police officers showed up and all of us together got the dog out.”

Metzger said her son was safe at a friend’s house at the time, but her daughter suffered some minor burns when she tried to go back inside the home to save some of the cats the family had taken in.

Metzger told FOX17 News while two cats were able to be rescued, at least eight other cats were killed in the fire.

Firefighters said clutter inside the home made it difficult to put the flames out. It’s not clear yet what sparked the fire in the first place.