Counselor Accused Of Giving Out Manifesto Explaining How To Molest Children

Posted at 11:09 PM, Jul 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-13 08:56:02-04

The Federal Government issued a four-count indictment for a West Michigan man accused of having more than 42,000 images of child porn on his computer and more than 1,500 videos.

Jeffrey Victor Marchione is also accused of handing out a guide on how to molest children to other potential sex offenders.

Neighbors of Marchione in Alto, Michigan say he is a pleasant neighbor and has cared for a number of foster children.

They are surprised by the charges.

However, he’s now accused of some very serious and distributing crimes by the federal government.

Court documents say it was back on January, 5 2012 when investigators found Marchione sharing child porn over the computer.

Court documents show on that date, he was sharing graphic file names like, “preteen Boys – taking it all the way”.

Also, in chat sessions on a peer to peer network, he is accused of encouraging people to use those files.

On August, 3 of 2012 the federal government says they discovered yet another instance of sharing porn files like, “Teen Soccer Boy Is RAPED”.

He was allegedly sending them from his computer to both New York and Illinois.

Court documents say after he was arraigned on June, 5 2013 on the porn charges, other disturbing details emerged.

Investigators say a teen came forward saying two or three years ago Jeffrey Marchione gave him alcohol, illegal drugs and then molested him.

When investigators looked further into chat logs, they discovered that Marchione sent a file to another person called Handbook 4 Child Lovers.docx.

Agents say it’s a 150 page manifesto explaining how to molest children.

Investigators say Marchione went on to tell the person that “he should become a Boy Scout leader or tutor to find a child to molest. The document instructs readers to begin their grooming and molestation when the child is approximately five years old.”

US Attorneys are asking that Marchione’s bond be revoked following the new information given to them by the teen.