Sharply Colder And Wintry This Week

Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-17 18:25:23-04

WEST MICHIGAN – Despite the fact that Spring officially arrives at 7:02 Wednesday morning, nobody apparently told Mother Nature, or perhaps she just doesn’t care. Sharply colder temperatures with some lake-effect snow showers are likely through at least part of the week. So much for Puxataney Phil’s early prediction!

The attached snapshot from our FutureTrack HD computer forecast model (stopped at 6:00 PM Monday) clearly shows two low pressure systems sliding in to the Great Lakes. One coming in from the west, the other up from the south. The energy from both will combine, create a rain/snow mix on Monday (after the A.M. rush hour), then as the low strengthens Monday night, conditions turn windy with lake-effect snow showers likely through Tuesday, Wednesday, and in to early Thursday. Some accumulations are likely.

In fact, conditions will stay breezy to windy through early Thursday until the upper level low pressure system pulls away and finally loses its grip on the Great Lakes. A blast of Arctic Air will be pulled down from Canada behind the system for most of the upcoming week. Temps on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will mainly remain in  the 20s most of the day. Winds will create “feels like” readings in the single digits and teens.

Take a look at the computer forecast model from Tuesday morning. Notice the big “L” low pressure system over Michigan. Those thin, gray lines indicate windy conditions, and the purple is accumulated precipitation. In this case, it will be snow since temps will certainly be cold enough by Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, we are still under the influence of the low with snow showers likely, especially along/west of U.S. 131.

Keep in mind normal/average high temps for this time of year have us in the middle 40s. Compare that with last year when we were in the 70s and 80s for part of March. To get the complete West Michigan forecast, including temperatures, satellite, radar, and the 7-Day forecast, click over to