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Art of scare acting on the rise across Michigan

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Posted at 8:55 AM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 08:55:55-04

With Halloween right around the corner, haunted attractions across metro Detroit are gleefully frightening those looking for a good scare.

But these spooky places are also conservatories for haunted house actors. A form of acting that has grown over the years across Michigan.

For example, Suzie Jackson works as an accountant during the day, but over the weekend it's all about satisfying her alter ego at Azra Chamber of Horrors.

"I mainly play Karen. Yeah, no offense to them Karens out there, but yeah," Suzie Jackson said.

Suzie said growing up she always wanted to be a scare actor and this year she finally built up the courage to make it happen.

"It's nice that you can come out of your shell and do things that you thought you could never do. It's like you shock yourself pretty much," she said.

There are many people like Suzie across Michigan who want to try the art.

According to TJ Benrowski a Manager at Azra Chamber of Horrors, over the years the interest to become a scar actor has grown especially with more and more haunted houses popping up across metro Detroit.

"Haunt acting is something that has a lot of difficulty surrounding it in terms of long hours. Screaming a lot, it’s a lot of physically acting, and running around," TJ said.

The game also comes with a fair share of hazards thanks to some frightened guests.

"Sometimes you can get punched, smacked, not intentionally," Suzie said.

"This is not an easy gig. People watch it, you now they come to it and they go that so cool. It really takes a special person to endure a season in a haunted house," TJ said.

Azra Chamber of Horror is hosting a special haunted themed event on October 26 and 27 along with Halloween spooky fun on October 29, 30, 31.

Time to get this party startled!