AG Nessel warns public of price gouging at the pump

Posted at 3:07 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 15:07:01-05

(WXYZ) — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning Michiganders of price gouging at the pump.

In her latest consumer protection video, she warns the public that some gas stations may be charging 30 to 40 cents more per gallon compared to other gas stations in the area.

If a Michigander sees something like this she's encouraging them to reach out to her office as this could be a price-gouging situation.

"When a station does try to illegally take advantage of drivers, my office is here to stop them,” she says in the video.

If you have information regarding unfair gasoline pricing practices, file a complaint or call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Team at 877-765-8388.